never give up

Dec 9, 2014


Some encouraging words for today!  — Minna

what to wear: winter

Dec 5, 2014


It's snowing in so many places already! Be sure to wear your warmest wool jacket, a cozy beanie, and a soft scarf. That's my daily uniform whenever I go out because if not, I feel like my face will freeze off! Hope you all have a happy friday!    — Minna 

wake up with a purpose

Dec 4, 2014


Whether it's big or small, we all have dreams... It's what encourages us to try our best, and allows us to believe that we can achieve something if we put in the effort. We should wake up everyday knowing that we are doing something that is bringing us closer to our goals.    — Minna


Dec 3, 2014


A little late on the Thanksgiving post, but I just wanted to thank you all for all the love & support this year! Hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday with those that are close to you. I can't believe 2014 is coming to an end... Now that it is December, it is time to get in the Christmas spirit! Hooray!   — Minna 


Nov 25, 2014


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A few weeks ago, my sister came to visit from DC and we got to do a lot of touristy activities! Even though I grew up in Washington, I never went up to the observation deck at the top of the Space Needle. We finally got to go, and the view was amazing! We stayed until the sun set, and the golden glow reflecting off the buildings was beautiful to look at...

I recently got to go to a concert, which was amazing, and i've been going on a lot of food adventures! It's been a lot of fun since I moved back here, and I am really excited to see what the future has in store for me.   — Minna

beauty, courage, risks

Nov 14, 2014


Here is a quote by Ernest Hemingway that I thought was worth sharing. Wishing you a nice weekend!   — Minna 

fun projects

Nov 10, 2014


I've been adding more projects and illustrations to my portfolio, so be sure to check them out! I am currently working on several fun projects and I can't wait to share them with you really soon. Hope you all have a wonderful day!   — Minna 

my handwriting

Nov 6, 2014


autumn leaves

Nov 5, 2014

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Ahh.. the satisfying crunch of autumn leaves are the best. The vibrant colors of the changing trees makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It may be too soon.. but I am already thinking of what I want to cook for Thanksgiving!   — Minna

be who you are

Nov 3, 2014


Happy monday everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! Don't forget yesterday was daylight savings! That extra hour of sleep really did me well! A new month has arrived, and I am so excited! What's your favorite thing about November?

Here are some words to start off your week! Dr. Seuss always has nice things to say!   — Minna  

berry pretty lips

Oct 30, 2014


It seems like when the weather gets cooler, people go darker and darker with their lips! That's how I know fall is officially here! Personally, I think it looks so lovely. Berry is the perfect combination of red, pink, and purple, that looks flattering on any skin tone. These are some of my favorite berry colored lipsticks.    — Minna 

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